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Operating servers can be costly and time-consuming.
Free up the time you spend operating servers by leaving production operations to us.

Why is GrapheneDB the easiest way

to get up and running with your graph database?

Self-service and dedicated

Get up and running in seconds. We have plans that cover any product size or level of maturity, from prototypes to highly demanding applications.

  • All our plans are deployed on dedicated stations. No neighbours, no shared infrastructure.
  • Choose your database to be deployed on any AWS location.
  • Scale when you need to, pay only for what you actually use.
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Serious security for your data

Backups automatically or on-demand. All backups are monitored and validated. Disaster recovery is possible through redundant backups in multiple regions.

  • Restrict your database from outbound traffic with VPC peering and IP whitelisting
  • Keep your data encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Team management and 2-factor authentication
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We take care of the operations

No one manages more graph databases in the cloud. Our team of experts is at hand to help you anytime, anywhere.

With 24x7 automated monitoring and staff on-call, you can get the help you need when you need it.

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