Neo4j Graph Database as a Service

GrapheneDB offers hosted, reliable and optimized graph databases to power your app.


Cloud scaling
Create databases instantly and scale easily as your application grows.
Scheduled daily backups, manual snapshots on demand. Restore and clone from backups.
Enable preconfigured community plugins and extensions or code and upload your own.
NEO4j API support
We support 100% of the Neo4j API and also provide access to the web admin UI
24x7 monitoring
We proactively manage and monitor your database to avoid issues
From driver configuration to query and database optimization, our expert team is here to help you.

What our users are saying

“ Using latest versions of Neo4j is essential for us. GrapheneDB makes it possible to use even milestone versions on the cloud easily. It’s like being a system administrator without being worried about the system itself. ”
Ekin Öcalan
Technical Lead
“ GrapheneDB not only provides us with Neo4j hosting, but are also very responsive, give great support, and even helped us with the data modeling. ”
Shai Kerer
Backend developer
“ Using GrapheneDB as opposed to deploying our own Neo4j database saved us a huge amount of development time. Their admin interface is very accessible – we had our database up and running within a matter of minutes. GrapheneDB has proven to be extremely reliable. ”
Mathew Tinsley
Lead developer
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