Why GrapheneDB?

A flexible, scalable platform that lets you be in control when you want to be, providing tools that empower your team.


Pay-as-you-go, and scale as you need. Only ever pay for what you use, scale up or down at any time right from our console, no questions asked.

Be in control

Other products require extra hand-holding for managing simple tasks such as provisioning, upgrading your plan or exporting a database. With GrapheneDB, clients can manage these tasks on their own through our dashboard. These tasks happen in real-time and take a few seconds to complete.

Speed to market

Our onboarding process is extremely fast and simple. Get up and running in the cloud in seconds. Our free hobby databases are a fast way to prototype your app, and can be easily moved to production when you’re ready to upgrade.


View and download database server logs in real time, all from our easy-to-use dashboard. A Prometheus endpoint is available for all databases to monitor server metrics.


No one currently manages more graph databases in the cloud than GrapheneDB. Our clients leverage our knowledge of graph databases to build social networks, generate powerful real-time recommendation systems, or make sense of large amounts of highly connected data.

Excellent support

With 24x7 monitoring, nightly backups, and staff on-call every minute of the day, you can rest assured you will get the help you need when you need it.

What our customers say

Switching to a graph database made it easy for us to give our users the ability to log in with multiple social media accounts. This has made our forms more performant and raised more money for our clients.
Shai Sachs, Software Architect, NGP VAN
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About ngpvan

NGP VAN is the leading provider of digital fundraising and organizing tools for labor unions, political parties, nonprofits, as well as local, state, and presidential campaigns

The GrapheneDB team go above and beyond. When I ask questions, not only do they answer in a timely manner, but also provide very thoughtful responses. Their support is excellent.
Bob Pawlowski, VP of Engineering, WeSpeke
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About weskepe

WeSpeke is a social network that allows users to learn and practice languages for free.

GrapheneDB has not only helped me with the implementation of my system, they have also helped grow my business. They have been a strategic partner for us.
Juan Carlos Agudelo, CTO / CO-FOUNDER, CÍVICO
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CÍVICO is a crowd-sourced mobile application that is building and mapping the most relevant digital information system for Latin American cities

Clients all over the world trust GrapheneDB


Amazon Web Services Partner Network

All of the benefits of GrapheneDB, coupled with the service from the largest cloud hosting provider in the world, makes GrapheneDB the best, fastest option to run Neo4j on Amazon Web Services.


We’re available on the Heroku Elements Marketplace as an add-on that can easily integrate with your existing set-up. Management is similar to other add-ons, and you can enjoy an integrated collaboration workflow and consolidated billing.

Plus much more!

Available where you need it

GrapheneDB is available on multiple regions on Amazon Web Services, as well as the Heroku marketplace. This ensures you can deploy on the same datacenter as your app to reduce latency.

Full-service maintenance

We’ll make sure your servers are updated and secure so you can focus on developing a great product. When new versions of Neo4j are released, we handle their rollout and work with you to determine if and when you should upgrade.

Infinitely extensible

We support all plugins and extensions, whether they are open source or developed in-house.