Tiers & features

We've got different tiers to cover different performance, availability and service needs.

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Hobby Standard Performance Enterprise
Can I use GrapheneDB for free?

You can get started for free with one or more Sandbox databases straight away. No trial period, credit card or upfront commitment required.

How many databases can I host with GrapheneDB?

You can have as many paid databases in your account for as long as you want. Free Sandbox databases are limited to 10 per account. This limit can be increased in certain cases.

Do you offer discounts?

Non-profit and educational organizations are eligible for discounts. We also offer discounts to customers that do upfront payments. If you’d like to discuss a discount, please contact us.

How does billing work?

You can create and delete databases as you need, as prices are pro-rated by the day. At the end of every month, spending will be calculated based on how many days each of your databases has been running and collect one single payment from the card on file or pre-paid funds on the account.

Are there any extra hidden costs?

There are no hidden extra costs like one-time setup or cancellation fees and we don’t charge for support or data transfer (unlimited).

Can I take my data elsewhere?

Should you want to take your data elsewhere, databases can be exported any time. Data will be immediately available as a download, which can be loaded into an instance hosted locally or anywhere else.

Can I cancel anytime?

There is no commitment. If you want to cut your spending, you can delete paid databases any time (remember to export before!) and continue to use our Sandbox databases for free. There is no need to close your account as we only charge for running paid databases.

Which limits are enforced?

GrapheneDB does not enforce any artificial limits on data transfer, bandwidth or concurrent connections. Data storage in Standard, Performance and Enterprise databases is limited only by disk size, while storage in the Hobby tier is limited by the number of nodes and relationships based on the plan.

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