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Announcing New Plans

We’re delighted to let you know that we’re releasing new plans as of today. The highlights:

  • More deployment options.
    We have been deploying clusters for our customers for years. Now, as part of this release we’re offering clusters also as self-service plans with 2 options: Neo4j Enterprise (BYOL) and also OnGDB.

  • All plans dedicated.
    All new plans are going to be deployed on dedicated servers, from our smallest single plan to clusters.

  • Neo4j 4 support.
    It’s been some time that Neo4j 4 is available and we have been adapting our services to support it. Now it’s ready with the latest 4.1 version.

  • More CPU and RAM for the same price.
    We have adjusted our business margins to offer you better pricing. Most of the new plans offer twice as much RAM and CPU as the equivalent old plans.

  • In-place upgrade/downgrade within all available plans. You will be able to change from any plan to any plan within our offering in place. Also between single and cluster plans. Everything in place and with no downtime between cluster plans.

  • Inbuilt extensions.
    APOC and GDS have grown to be very popular extensions. That’s the reason we have included them pre-installed and ready to be enabled, just one click away.

How to migrate current deployments to new plans

We’re going to migrate all current deployments to its equivalent plan at some point in the next few weeks. In the meantime your current deployments running old plans will work as usual.

The migration will take place as a maintenance operation, which you will be able to opt in at your convenience. If you’re eager to migrate and don’t want to wait, please reach out to us via a support ticket and we’ll put you on a prio list.

Why are we dropping Hobby plans

When we started seven years ago, there was no option to quickly deploy Neo4j in the cloud. We came up with sponsoring Hobby plans to let new users evaluate Neo4j together with our offering.

Now there are plenty of options out there to very easily deploy a database in the cloud, making our Hobby plans not so relevant for new users.

Apart from that, Hobby plans are deployed on a massively shared infrastructure. Even though our Hobby plans were never meant to be used for production, our users have been dealing with expectations that we cannot meet for free plans.

That’s why we’ve decided to drop support for Hobby plans, focusing on dedicated servers in the future and providing the best possible solution as a graph database provider. Not having to maintain Hobby plans will free up resources that we’ll dedicate to implementing great new features for dedicated servers.

Old Hobby plans will still be working as usual and we’ll come up with a migration date and upgrade path to new plans in the coming weeks.

Nonetheless we still want to offer a way to evaluate our service, that’s why we are introducing trial databases, which will allow new users to test all our features with a dedicated database for 2 weeks for free.

Moving forward

If you have feedback or questions on our new plans, please contact us by submitting a new support ticket or via email at

We’re eager to share with you all the new features that are coming up this year. We’ll update you soon, so please stay tuned.