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In-place Plan Upgrades

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out support for in-place plan upgrades and downgrades within our Performance tier.

So far, to upgrade or downgrade your plan at GrapheneDB you have been using our cloning feature. That means a new database is created out of a copy of your original database. This is a very safe method, as you can always switch back to the origin database if anything goes wrong, like for instance if there is a compatibility problem upgrading your Neo4j version.

As of today, if you just want to upgrade or downgrade your Performance plan you will be able to do it in-place. There is no need to point your application to a new database, neither to upload your extensions again. Plus, doing the upgrade operation in-place allows us to skip some steps compared to doing it via cloning, thus reducing the time your database needs to be down during the operation.

You can read more details about our brand new in-place plan upgrades and downgrades on our documentation.

We’re happy to provide more options to allow you to manage your deployments at GrapheneDB and we’re commited to keep delivering the best value and features for our customers. If you have feedback or questions please contact us by submitting a new support ticket or via email at

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon!