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Changes in Plans, Price Reductions, and New Features

As GrapheneDB continues to grow, we seek to increase value for our customers. We are excited to announce today new plans, pricing, and features!

We are adding support for new AWS regions, and making our pricing more consistent across regions. We are also adding new plans and tiers with lower prices and improved specs.

And lastly, we’re adding a couple of exciting features to enhance security: Private Networks and Encryption at rest. You can read more about all of these new, exciting changes below.

New pricing, plans and features

Summary of pricing changes

General improvements to plans and pricing

  • More features available in certain plans (see Plans breakdown below)
  • Better specs for lower prices in some plans or tiers
  • We’re simplifying pricing by sticking to the lowest price across all supported AWS regions.
  • We’re adding Ohio, Seoul and Mumbai to our long list of supported AWS regions. This means GrapheneDB now powers Neo4j deployments across 13 AWS regions!

Hobby databases

We have made following improvements:

  • Include the Insights package that displays performance metrics and slow queries (with 1 hour data retention)
  • Encryption in transit (SSL connections)
  • The free Sandbox plan now supports Neo4j unmanaged extensions and stored procedures


  • We are increasing the data retention of the Insights dashboard to analyze performance metrics and slow queries from 3 to 12 hours on all Standard plans
  • We are introducing a new Standard S3 plan with 2GB of RAM (exclusively dedicated to Neo4j) at $200 per month


  • All Performance plans have new upgraded specs, with the P1 plan now starting at 8GB of RAM (total VM memory, a small part is reserved for the OS)
  • We’ve improved the disk I/O performance of the P2 and higher plans
  • We’ve cut the prices of the P3 and higher plans by 25%

How do the new plans and pricing affect you?

New plans have been launched to replace old plans. These old plans are no longer available when provisioning new databases and will be renamed to include the word “Legacy” in the plan name. These Legacy plans will continue to be billed at the previous prices and will continue to have the same features as before.

To take advantage of the new plans, features, and prices, you will need to deploy new databases. Don’t worry! There is no rush to make this move. Existing databases will continue to run and we currently do not have a sunset date scheduled.

You are free to move to the new instances as soon as you want to take advantage of the price reductions or increased specs/features. To do so, you will need to clone the original instance on the Legacy plan into one of the new plans, point your app to the new instance, and then delete the old one. You can read more info on the cloning process in this section of our developer docs.

New features

Private Networks

In order to increase the security options available to our customers, we are introducing our new Private Network feature. Private Networks are dedicated network environments you can use to isolate your database(s) from public networks.

Private Networks

All new databases in the Performance and Enterprise tiers will now have the option to use a Private Network, which will allow you to completely restrict access via IP Whitelisting or VPC Peering. Alternatively, the network can be set to public access if needed for purposes such as testing. You can read more about how our Private Network feature works here.

Encryption at rest

Encryption at rest provides a layer of protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data. Disk volumes, data in transit between server instances, as well as disk volumes and backups will now have the option to use encryption at rest.

This means your data will now be encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 algorithm, which meets a comprehensive range of compliance standards, such as HIPAA, PCI and NIST. You can read more about encryption at rest and how to enable it here.

Wrapping up

We are really excited to announce our new pricing, plans, and new security features.

We remain committed to providing the best value and features for our customers, and as always, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback regarding these changes. If you have feedback or questions please contact us by submitting a new support ticket or via email at