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Announcement: New GrapheneDB Management API

The team at GrapheneDB has always been huge fan of how AWS and Heroku use APIs to enable developers to create new processes and tools. The API revolution is transforming the way in which software is written and deployed,creating opportunities for new business models.

Our customers frequently asked for an API to perform database management and operational tasks automatically. We have been working closely with certain customers to fine tune an API that, in the same manner as AWS and Heroku, would give developers the ability to automate tasks. After much work and testing, we are now proud to announce our upcoming Public API.

GraphneDB Management API

So far, we have seen our API help with some interesting use cases, including:

  • Syncing different environments periodically, such as restoring the QA database with a fresh copy of production every day.
  • Deploying databases, stored procedures, or extensions from automated tests or code branches.
  • Automatically downloading all production database backups onto infrastructure for business continuity.
  • Developing SaaS products that require one individual database per account.

Please take a look at our documentation to find out more about our API.

We’re eager to hear what you build with our public API! It’s currently in closed beta, so please contact us at and we’ll provide you access.