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Introducing Insights: Server Metrics and Slow Queries Analyzer

A couple of months ago we announced that our Metrics feature was out of beta and available for all of our customers on the Performance tier.

Today we’re excited to present Insights, a toolset that bundles Metrics together with a brand new slow query analyzer.

Insights is a great tool to help you troubleshoot issues when things go wrong or changes are introduced into your environment. The information you get from Insights should enable you to pinpoint if issues are due to external factors or caused by queries. This will greatly simplify the process of improving Neo4j’s performance.

Streaming of insights on GrapheneDB

Our new slow query analyzer registers all queries that hit the database, and aggregates the response times during a given time window. This allows us to offer you data like the slowest queries (highest median and 95th percentile response times), as well as the most time consuming queries (think highest median multiplied by the number of executions).

We strongly believe in providing tools for our customers that will empower them to make data-driven decisions to improve their business. While those tools were previously only available to our Performance tier customers, we’re proud to announce Insights as part of our Standard offering. We want to ensure all customers running production-ready databases on GrapheneDB can benefit from the power of this great toolset.

We’re determined to continue to offer you more tools to be successful with Neo4j. We’ve got many great announcements to make along the way, so stay tuned!

To learn more about Insights please take a look at our documentation.