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How to Manage Neo4j Stored Procedures in GrapheneDB

Procedures are the preferred means for extending Neo4j. It allows Neo4j to be extended by writing custom code which can be invoked directly from Cypher.

At GrapheneDB, we provide a self-serviced and automated way to manage stored procedures. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to upload your own procedure and enable it on your database.

To add an extension, the database has to be restarted. Our admin interface facilitates this process by asking you to Enable/Disable extensions before applying changes. This allows you to configure your extensions before restarting your database.

In the example below, we’re adding APOC stored procedures, a great library that covers different aspects that are currently not available on Cypher. Extending your Neo4j database is just three click away!

Streaming of stored procedures on GrapheneDB

Extensions management is only available for Developer plans and higher. You can create a Developer database in a matter of seconds here:

Create a Developer database now

If you want to read further instructions on how to manage stored procedures please take a look at our documentation.