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Neo4j 3.0 on GrapheneDB

Neo Technology recently released Neo4j 3.0. In addition to some optimizations to Cypher and other features, perhaps the most exciting new highlight of the latest release is Bolt, which is “a new network protocol designed for high-performance access to graph databases” (read the release notes here).

Bolt will seek to introduce a completely new way of working with Neo4j, one which seeks to “consolidate and refine” how you may already work with Neo4j. The spirit of Bolt is not only to improve performance, but also to improve the developer experience.

The goal of Bolt is to consolidate and refine all the ways of doing work with Neo4j, providing more consistent access with a pleasant separation of responsibility. If you want to learn more about Bolt, read this excellent interview with Neo4j’s Nigel Small.


We are excited to announce that Neo4j 3.0 is available on all our plans. We’ve been working very hard these last weeks to enable support for it on every tier; self-service and automated, as you are used to from our service. If you want to give it a go for free, follow this link and you’ll be trying out Bolt in a matter of seconds.