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New: Introducing Flexible, On-demand Server Maintenance

GrapheneDB needs to perform maintenance on its servers from time to time. Maintenance procedures will vary depending on your database plan.

On Hobby databases, which are designed for development and testing, we might perform maintenance with downtime without prior notice.

On Standard databases, our entry-level production tier, we will usually send a notification a few days in advance with a specified time window during which we will perform maintenance and an estimated duration for the actual downtime.

Because of the multi-tenant architecture of the Standard tier, our schedule cannot accommodate preferences for maintenance windows.

Existing Performance and Enterprise customers might already know we offer 3 time windows to choose from for maintenance procedures. In order to accommodate customers who want to perform maintenance on specific periods of low traffic, we have been setting up custom time windows on special request.

In order to make this process even easier and more flexible, we’ve added a new on-demand maintenance feature. This feature allows customers on the Performance tier to trigger scheduled maintenance procedures on their database with the click of a button, when it’s more convenient to them. This provides customers with the flexibility to set downtimes when they are less damaging for their business.

When a database instance has a maintenance operation scheduled, a warning with some details will be displayed in the UI:


You will also see the a warning in the database overview with details about the maintenance, like a description, estimated downtime and a deadline.

Scheduled maintenance

Customers on the Performance tier can trigger the maintenance procedure by clicking on the Launch maintenance button.

While the operation is in progress, a dialogue will inform you of the state of the procedure.

Maintenance in progress

When the operation is complete, the pop-up will be dismissed, and any warning messages will no longer be displayed. At this point, no other changes will be necessary, but you may have to wait a few minutes for the DNS to propagate.

Please note: Unless a maintenance procedure is initiated by a user before the deadline, the maintenance will run automatically at the time specified in the maintenance warning.