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Find Us at GraphConnect 2015

GraphConnect 2015 is this week and we couldn’t be more excited to attend!

We are sponsoring the event and will be available at our booth all day to talk to anyone interested in GrapheneDB. If you’re an existing client, we’d love to touch base and see how you’re enjoying our service. If you’re considering using GrapheneDB, we’d love to talk to you as well to see how we can help you build something great with Neo4j!

What to expect at the GrapheneDB booth

There will be lots of goodies at the GrapheneDB booth. There will be plenty of swag to bring back home, plus we’re giving free credits towards a standard or production plan to those who come visit us at the booth.

Preview new features

We’ll be launching a new metrics dashboard feature soon, but if you’d like to get a sneak peek, please come find us. We’re looking for new or existing customers who may be interested in participating in the beta for this feature. Come get a demo of our new metrics dashboard and sign up for the beta.

Talks we’re looking forward to

In addition to sponsoring, we’re also looking forward to the following talks, so this is where you’ll find us during the conference.

We are, of course, looking forward to Emil Eifrem’s keynote at 9:00am. We can’t wait to hear what news he has to share with the community. In addition, we’re especially interested in:

  • “Real-Time Recommendations with Graphs and the Future of Search” by Michal Bachman, at 2:40pm.

  • “Advanced Neo4j at FiftyThree” by Aseem Kishore at 4:20pm.

  • “Polyglot Persistence for Microservices using Spring Cloud and Neo4j” by Kenny Bastani and Josh Long at 5:05pm.

Now you know where to find us and what to look forward to. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (if you aren’t already) for conference updates. We hope to see you there!