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Introducing Team Collaboration

Team collaboration

Most of our customers are small- to medium-sized development teams that work together on applications. In such work environments it is desirable that multiple developers have access to all production databases, and that they can deploy new instances when testing out new features or setting up new environments.

GrapheneDB has added a new team collaboration feature, making it easy for teams to work together on their Neo4j databases and manage their account easily.

There are three different user roles:

  • owner: the account used to sign up, full access
  • admin: can manage billing details, collaborators and databases
  • collaborators: can manage databases

Managing users is very straightforward. If you’re an account owner or admin, you can add/edit/remove team members from the Users tab in the account area:

Creating a new user

Collaborating on databases

All users within the same account can manage existing databases and provision new instances, without having to add any billing details to their own accounts.

Collaborating on billing

If you have multiple co-founders, or if you need someone from your team to update the billing details and make sure payments get done in time, you can add admin users to your account.

Admins have full access to the billing area, in addition to unrestricted permissions to manage databases. They can also add or remove team members or change their roles.

Collaborating on support

When opening support tickets through our UI, you can also include other team members in CC. They will receive email notifications to any updates on the support ticket, enabling everyone to be on the same page and participate in the conversation.

CC team members in support requests

If you have any questions or comments, or want to provide feedback about this feature, please get in touch.