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Want to Host Your Neo4j Databases in Europe? We’ve Got You Covered! ;)

Announcing General Availability of all GrapheneDB plans in AWS EU and Heroku EU regions

At GrapheneDB, we’ve been offering dedicated instances in the EU region since the beginning of our beta phase, but the plans on the Hobby and Standard tier have only been available in the N.Virginia AWS region for most of the time. The reasoning behind this is there was not enough demand for shared instances in Europe to justify setting up and operating the necessary infrastructure.

Europe map

Demand has been increasing steadily over the last couple of months and our European users have been frequently asking us for more affordable plans in the EU region.

We’ve heard you loud and clear and this is why we’re happy to announce that all our AWS plans are now available in the AWS eu-west-1 region (Ireland).

Create your free EU hosted database now

Click on the button above and follow these steps to provision your database in Europe:

  1. Choose a plan (our free Sandbox plan is available in Europe, too!)
  2. Enter a name and select EU (Ireland) region in the AWS region selectbox
  3. You’re set!

Provisioning a Neo4j instance in the AWS EU region on GrapheneDB

GrapheneDB Heroku add-on now available for Heroku EU apps

If you’re using our Heroku add-on, we’re also happy to let you know that it’s now also compatible with the Heroku EU region, making it easy for you to deploy your apps in Europe.

All databases provisioned through the add-on (even thee free Chalk plan) for apps in the Heroku EU will automatically be hosted in the AWS eu-west-1 region (Ireland).

If you haven’t yet, check out our Neo4j add-on for Heroku now. We’ve got free plans to get you started there, too.