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GrapheneDB Concludes Beta Phase, Releases New Plans

GrapheneDB has concluded the beta stage of its product development.

Leaving beta stage means that the service’s core functionality has been tested and proven. A significant user base has adopted GrapheneDB’s platform for hosting managed graph databases.

As GrapheneDB continues to improve on current features and build additional ones, customers can register now, knowing they’ll get a reliable, straightforward hosting service for their graph databases.

“Success Kid” Photograph (c) Laney Griner / Used with Permission

“Our cloud hosting platform operates the largest fleet of managed Neo4j databases,” says Alberto Perdomo, GrapheneDB co-founder. “We built this platform as developers, for developers. There was no good, reliable hosting service for graph databases, so we built GrapheneDB.”

GrapheneDB’s flexible tier and plan system means that developers can test ideas before taking an app into production.

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