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Our New Add-on Helps Heroku Users Build Applications on Top of Neo4j

To build and run powerful apps on top of Neo4j databases, you need a reliable partner to keep those databases running. GrapheneDB’s hosting service for the Neo4j graph database is now available to Heroku users. We’ve launched a beta version of our add-on that’s public and immediately available for use.

Access the public Docs at the Heroku Dev Center.

More about the add-on

  • It includes all the features offered by GrapheneDB.
  • By default, the add-on will provision Neo4j 2.0 instances with support for labels, the new browser and more.
  • Support for Gremlin is available for Neo4j 1.9 (Gremlin is not included in 2.0 releases anymore)

Migration from Neo4j add-on

If you want to migrate from the Neo4j add-on, follow these simple steps at our Heroku docs page.

 Why Use Graphs?

Graph databases help you recognize and exploit relationships among your data that are otherwise difficult to manage. They’re built specifically to treat relationships as first-class citizens and scale with predictable query time regardless of the overall size of the data set.

 Get Started

GrapheneDB makes it easy to set up and maintain your neo4J databases, so you can focus on building a powerful app. Contact us and learn how to get a dedicated instance for your Heroku app up-and-running.