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April News: Updates From the Last Few Weeks

Berlin & Graph DB meetup

I did a short trip to Berlin last month. During that trip I also attended a graph DB meetup where I gave a talk about polyglot persistence with Neo4j.

I’d like to thank Michael Hunger, Stefan Plantikow, Peter Neubauer and Pernilla Lindh for organizing the event, being a great host and most of all for the great conversation.

New features

This is a summary of the latest features that we have released.


We have introduced the restore feature around a month ago. You can do a DB restore using a zipped Neo4j DB file. This way, you can easily dump the contents of the DB on your local machine or a sample data set and take to your DB hosted on GrapheneDB,.

We will add support to export your DB using the same format in the next weeks.

Improved compatibility with drivers

We have a test suite to ensure that popular languages and drivers work seamlessly with GrapheneDB.

We have added a few new drivers to that test suite and also included configuration snippets for them in the dashboard. This doesn’t mean that other drivers won’t work, it’s just a list of drivers that we use to test against to make sure everything works fine.

For a complete list of our tested drivers please visit our FAQ section.

Vanilla Neo4j

One of the reasons that we have been very busy lately and also the most important feature is that we have migrated our architecture to host vanilla Neo4j instances rather than a wrapper around Neo4j.

This means you can expect the same features from GrapheneDB as you get from Neo4j Community Edition. We explicitely don’t support Gremlin and REST API Traversals because they rely on Groovy, and that could cause security issues on our shared machines for the sandbox plans. At the moment we are running Neo4j v1.8.2, but we also plan to allow other versions in the future.

Support for indexes

Index support has ben on our to do list for a while. As a nice side effect of the migration to vanilla Neo4j indexes are now fully supported.

NoSQL matters this week

I’m attending NoSQL matters in Cologne today and tomorrow. Feel free to ping me on twitter or mail me at alberto at graphenedb dot com if you want to talk.